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Recordings by Yoshio Kurahashi

Voted 'Best World Music CD 1999' by New Age Magazine. Tracks: Jinbo Sanya, Azuma No Kyoku, Mukaiji, Kyorei, Kumoijishi, Sanya Sugagaki, Takiochi, Ajikan.

Yoshio Kurahashi performs some of the oldest honkyoku. This Buddhist solo meditation music arose out of the zen temples of old Japan, at a time when the daily practice of zen monks was suizen or 'blowing meditation'.

'Kyoto Spirit' Sparkling Beatnik Records SBR0007. Call 1-800-636-2291 or click here for ordering details

Tracks: Yugure No Kyoku, Lan Hua Hua, Darani, Murasaki Reiho, Akita Sugagaki, Shao, Iyo Renbo.

Building on the success of his first CD, Yoshio Kurahashi again demonstrates some of the oldest zen meditation compositions and introduces Wu Man, the outstanding Chinese pipa player with whom he performs traditional Chinese and other music.

'Aki No Yugure' (Autumn Dusk) Sparkling Beatnik Records SBR0026. Call 1-800-636-2291 or click here for ordering details

Tracks: Jinbo Sanya, Horai, Takiochi, Tsuru no sugomori, Mukaiji, Murasaki Reiho.

All tracks were recorded in temples or concert halls. Some pieces were recorded in the original location from which the composition originated.

'Yoshio Kurahashi, Honkyoku, musique zen pour shakuhachi' (Inedit, W 260134)