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Over the years Kurahashi-sensei has forged relationships with some of the finest shakuhachi makers in Japan. They bring him flutes to evaluate and pass on, and he visits their studios to look through their stock of flutes, always on the look out for exceptional instruments.


Mujuan shakuhachi are the result of this long relationship with these makers. Yoshio Kurahashi has selected and will continue to select new shakuhachi from a variety of makers, for sale in the American market. He personally chooses shakuhachi from the makers' stock, evaluating each flute in terms of playability, tone color, bamboo quality and so on. His intention is to find only those flutes which are particularly excellent for their price. This stock of new flutes is in the USA and available for audition. In this section you will find a continually changing list of select shakuhachi from different makers, offered for sale as Mujuan shakuhachi.

Contact David Sawyer for information : david@japanshakuhachi.com

K13. Ichijo Kobayashi 1.8 $2800 lightweight. Very competant and nice to hold. SOLD

K10. Ichijo Kobayashi 2.0 $2300 lightweight SOLD

All Ichijo flutes come with a fine leather bag included

Click here for information about Ichijo Kobayashi, shakuhachi maker.


It has been my experience and that of the maker, that shakuhachi respond better to humidity than to dryness. One suggestion is to keep the auditoned flute in its plastic bag, sealed with a rubber band, whenever it's not being played. A 6" piece of moist, not dripping, wadded paper towel should be in the bag at all times. If the flute becomes yours to keep, a "Dampit" (cello size) is available from musical instrument stores and is really effective at humidifying your shakuhachi. If you transport the flute between different temperature zones, please wrap it, still in its plastic bag, with a towel or put it in a case, to prevent stress due to sudden temperature changes. If cracks appear, DON'T fill them. Keep the flute humidified and send it for repair as soon as possible.


Each shakuhachi is carefully inspected before it is shipped to make sure it meets the necessary good quality criteria. The owner or auditioner is soley responsible for maintaining the good condition of the flute. To the fullest extent of applicable law, express or implied warranty is disclaimed. Each shakuhachi sale is final.