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Mujuan dojo, Kyoto


Yoshio Kurahashi's Japanese music site. Scores for some of the honkyoku pieces he teaches and performs are on this page





Here one can find a large selection of new traditional fine quality shakuhachi made by contemporary Japanese makers.


International Shakuhachi Society


A comprehensive and detailed look into the discography and personalities in the world of shakuhachi.




All about the string instruments of Japan. Resources, links to musicians etc.


Yoko Hiraoka


Master of koto, shamisen, biwa and Jiuta voice. Yoko Hiraoka is a recording artist, performer, teacher and appears in ensemble with Yoshio Kurahashi.


Shakuhachi Summer Camp


The most wonderful annual venue in the USA for all shakuhachi players. Fabulous teaching, delightful surroundings, good food. Kurahashi-sensei will be among the other great Master shakuhachi players in residence for five days.


Koumei Yoshimura


Student of Matsumura Homei. Master kinko shakuhachi player and teacher located in Osaka.

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