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Master of the Japanese Shakuhachi

Yodo Kurahashi II is one of Japan's great Master Shakuhachi flute players.

He has been with this beautiful and evocative bamboo instrument for more than 40 years. His father, also a famous shakuhachi player, was his first teacher as a young boy and Kurahashi-sensei eventually became head of his father's dojo: Mujuan dojo.

In a career spanning 30 years, Yodo sensei has garnered esteem and accolades from the four corners of the traditional Japanese music world. He is recognised both in Japan and in many countries abroad as a genteel ambassador of shakuhachi and Japanese hogaku traditional music in general. He regularly performs at major concert venues in the USA and his travels and teaching take him all over the world, as far as Israel, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Singapore and Canada. His recordings have won awards and he has appeared often on television in Japan. As a solo player, Yodo Kurahashi is deeply schooled in the ancient zen Buddhist 'honkyoku' solo music, which originated in the temples of old Japan as long ago as 700 years. His repertoire includes the classical ensemble music of the Edo period and newly written pieces for shakuhachi and other instruments such as Chinese pipa. He has also premiered and showcased some of the most exciting music written for shakuhachi this century.

Kurahashi regularly travels outside of Japan, actively promoting shakuhachi and teaching students of many nationalities around the world.

Contact: David Sawyer david@japanshakuhachi.com for concert bookings (303) 666-5581

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